This communicative course focuses on the four main language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing), and is designed to facilitate the development of students' intercultural communicative competence. Students will:
     1. Read textbook and newspaper articles in English, and take notes

     2. Participate in group discussions

     3. Write and respond to online forum posts
     4. Develop intercultural communicative competence


This is an inquiry based course, in which the teacher acts as facilitator by providing suitable content and guiding questions related to both the study of culture in general, and more specifically the study of contemporary Japanese culture. Special emphasis is placed on the study of intangible cultural heritages in Japan, and their relationship to contemporary Japanese culture. Students learn through both guided and independent tasks, which include lecture note reading, note-taking, online forums, group discussions, survey design & analysis, online research, and essay writing. In a report task which focuses on intangible cultural heritages in Japan and their relationship to contemporary Japanese culture, students define sub-questions, produce a research plan, and conduct research. Assessment will include evidence of collaborative exchange (group discussions and forum tasks) and a short research essay (between 900 and 1,300 words in length, including introduction & conclusion). Students will receive information and feedback from both teacher and peers through collaborative exchanges. Lectures, discussions, group work and presentations will be conducted principally in English, with Japanese support.

This course is for students in ee2017.

Moodle Reader Course for Yukie Ueno - Faculty of Law